Our Founder

Shri THIRVEEDHULA SAMBAIAH Ji was born as the youngest sixth son of his parents Smt Subbamma and Ankaiah Ji on 01-07-1915 at Chamallamudi Village of Vatticherukur Mandal of Guntur District.

He was completed his basic Elementary school studies at Chamallamudi, later he joined U L C M High School, Guntur, to study Sixth Class, completed his FA on ( School Final) on 10-05-1934. On 25-05-1939 he married Smt. Sarojini. He worked as Copyist at RDO ’Office, Guntur for some time. Later he rejoined his job to involve in Social Service. In 1944 he established YANADI GIRLS HOSTEL, in Guntur, he also worked as the General Secretary of Andhra Rashtra Adimjathi Sevak Sangh, at Nellore. In 1949 he established YANADI BOYS HOSTEL, in Guntur. Many students who resided and studied in these hostels,later became IAS,and IPS Officers and Gazetted Officers. In 1964, Sri Sambaiah Garu established ADIVASI UPPER PRIMARY SCHOOL, in Guntur.

On 25-05-1939 he married Smt. SAROJINI. He worked as typist at District Collectors Office, Guntur for some time. Later he resigned his job to involve in Social Service.In 1944 he was established YENADI GIRLS HOSTEL in Guntur. He was also worked as the General Secretary of Andhra Rashtra Adimajati Sevak Sangh,Nellore and he worked as General Secretary, Andhra Rashtra Adimajati Sevak Sangh.

In 1949 He established YENADI BOYS HOSTEL, in Guntur. Many Students who resided and studied in those Hostels, Later became IAS,and IPS,Officers and Gazetted Officers. In 1964 Sri T Sambaiah Ji established Adivasi Upper Primary School, in Guntur. He also worked a member of AP Congres Committee. The then State Tribal Welfare Minister recognized Sri Sambaiah Jis services and conferred the famous Tribal title PRASIDDA ADIVASI PRAJABHUSHAN and honored him with Silver Certificate. He breathed his last on 22-11-1973, at his residence in Guntur. HIS INVALUABLE AND SUCCESSFUL EFFERTS:- In those olden days then British Government imposed CRIMINAL TRIBAL ACT CT Act on the Tribal communities CHENCHU/ YENADI / YERUKALAS and joined them in the list of B.Cs., communities. They were not allowed to appear on streets after 6.00 PM, as per the CT Act and were arrested by the police, when they violated the rule. At the juncture, Sri Sambaiah Ji with the Help of Sri Vennelakanti Raghavaiah Ji met the then President of India Sri Babu Rajendra Prasad Ji, and Sri B R Ambedkar Ji, so many times to explain the problems suffered by the Tribals, at Guindy, MADRAS and DELHI. Many times Sri Sambaiah Ji met the President of India and Sri B R Ambedkar Ji,where the others belonging to those communities could not afford to do so due to their financial problems.

At last Sri Sambaiah Ji, convinced the Sri B R Ambedkar Ji, and committee members and got a questionare from him, distributed the copies to all the Tribals, got them duly signed by them and submitted the copies to the President of India with the help of sri B R Ambedkar Ji. Finally, Sri Sambaiah Ji, achieved his milestone. The President of India, and the committee members Sri B R Ambedkar Ji convinced and those communities CHENCHU/ YENADI/ YERUKALAS were joined in the list of Scheduled Tribe during the year 1956 Indian Constitutional Amendment .

Hats off to his persistent efferts towards Yenadi Community.